The Chief Executive Officer and Senior Management of Orange-SL on Tuesday September 21, 2021 stormed the southern city of Bo.

The purpose of the visit was to appreciate their numerous customers, engage the local and traditional authorities on the services and importance of linking up with Orange-SL. The visit will climax with the launch of Orange-SL franchise in Zimmi.

Speaking at the event, Orange-SL CEO, Aminata Kane informed her audience that she and her team were there in solidarity with Orange-SL staff that had been working in the field over the years, adding that before then Orange-SL was Number 2…

By Alusine Sesay

Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting (FGM/C) is widespread in Sierra Leone even though it’s illegal and constitutes harmful practice, according to the laws of Sierra Leone.

According to the 2013 Sierra Leone Demographic and Health Survey by Statistics Sierra Leone, 40.2% of women aged 15–49 who have undergone FGM were cut between the ages of 10 and 14. The Northern region has the highest prevalence with 96.3%, and the Western the lowest, at 75.6%.

According to World Health Organization (WHO), every year two million girls are at risk of being subjected to the practice which is sometimes referred to…

By Alusine Sesay

Sierra Leone has made significant progress in the fight against Sexual and Gender Based Violence (SGBV) after President Julius Maada Bio declared National Emergency on Rape and Sexual Violence and set up Sexual Offences Model Court. Nevertheless, the number of reported cases remains high when compared with the total number of reported other criminal activities in the country.

According to mid-year data (January to June — 2021) from the Rainbo Initiative, a national NGO providing support to SGBV survivors and fighting to end sexual violence, 1691 (1522 sexual assault and 169 physical assault) cases across their 5…

By Alusine Sesay

President Bio displaying the Gender Empowerment Policy

Women in Sierra Leone account for more than 52 percent of the country’s population yet occupy less than 20 percent of elected positions. Their voice, visibility, participation, and representation in elective and appointment positions remain very low compared to men.

Some of these challenges include lack of economic independence, high illiteracy and entrenched customs and traditions, and the lack of confidence to vie for public positions.

A 1995 report issued by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) concluded that 30 percent would be the minimum representation required for women as a group to exert a meaningful influence…

Sierra Leone: Female Entertainers highlight challenges amid Covid-19

By Ibrahim S. Bangura

Female entertainers, (musicians, filmmakers, comedians and models) have recently said that the outbreak of the coronavirus in Sierra Leone has restricted them from holding events, and making international tours, and exposing them to sexual exploitation by some stakeholders in the industries.

Alimatu Farakhan Sesay, a female film producer, writer, and actress of the Lemas’s Diary in Freetown, said that because of the coronavirus restrictions, they were unable to produce movies because investors fear to invest their money into movies because of the uncertainty surrounding COVID-19.

“We can’t produce…

By Desmond Tunde Coker

The Chairlady for the House of Jesus Disable Organization, Michaella F Jakkah has told Premier News recently that, abled-bodied men and boys who serves as helpers to women with disabilities during the day demand sexual favors and sexually abuse them at night, as a reward for pushing them around during the day.

She explained that the boys and able-bodied men sleep with them, impregnate them and as the months go by they abandon them because they are unable to carry the responsibility of the pregnancies.

“But after we have given birth, they reconcile with us and…

By Ibrahim S. Bangura

women farmers

Women represent 70 percent of the agricultural labor force of Sierra Leone and they play an important role in natural resource management and food production. But the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic has impacted their farming activities

The first COVID-19 case in Sierra Leone was reported on March 31, 2020, and as of 28 October, Sierra Leone had reported 2, 366 confirmed cases and 74 deaths. Restriction measures were put in place in March, including lock-downs, movement restrictions and market closures.

These restriction measures affected farmers, especially women farmers which led to income losses for many.

By Betty Milton, Brussels, Belgium

Sierra Leone’s President Julius Maada Bio

In his New Direction Manifesto, President Julius Maada Bio committed to addressing a lot of burning issues, apart from his flagship project, the Free Quality Education and other human capital development-related agendas. Since being elected, President Bio has championed women’s empowerment, believing that if a nation should prosper, women should be part of the process and thus should be given a space that befits their status.

Gender empowerment was amongst the President’s promises, as stated among other women issues:

• Domesticate and implement national and international instruments

• Increase the chances of women in politics…

By H.E. Hu Zhangliang, Chinese Ambassador to Sierra Leone

July 29, 2021 marks the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between the People’s Republic of China and the Republic of Sierra Leone. Since the establishment of diplomatic relations 50 years ago, China-Sierra Leone friendship has been sailing smoothly, with both countries always treating each other as good brothers, good friends and good partners in the spirit of mutual respect, mutual support and win-win cooperation. With the joint efforts of both governments and peoples, China-Sierra Leone friendly cooperation has been constantly enhanced, yielding satisfactory results and becoming a model of China-Africa cooperation…

President Decorates Brigadier General Joseph S. Kaimapo and Brigadier General Sahid Tejan Kanu

Commander-in-Chief of the Republic of Sierra Leone Armed Forces, President Dr Julius Maada Bio has on Monday July 19, 2021, decorated two senior colonels who recently got promoted to the rank of Brigadier General by the Defense Council.

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