Bollore Country Manager Bids Farewell after 7 years of Meritorious Service

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2 min readJan 24, 2022


By Alusine Sesay

Captain Fabjanko Kokan, crowned Pa Kapr Komrabai Kawaleh (meaning Ambassador of Light)

The announcement of his departure came as a shock to many Sierra Leoneans, especially management and staff of Freetown Terminal Limited, stakeholders of communities where Bollore operate, the media and charitable organisations and children supported by the Company.

Kokan will be replaced by the current General Manager of Freetown Terminal Limited, Bertrand Kerguelen.

“I am going to leave Sierra Leone, but I am not going far away from you. I will be on next door Guinea supervising all Bollore activities in Sierra Leone,” Captain Kokan told Journalists last Thursday.

It could be recalled that on September 24, 2021 at Menthaba Village in the Sanda Tendaren Chiefdom, Captain Kokan was officially accorded the title Pa Kapr Komrabai Kawaleh (meaning Ambassador of Light), by Ceremonial Chiefs, after the Company supported the construction of a school in the community which had been without one for 187 years.

Captain Kokan revealed that he is always willing to serve Sierra Leone under the Bollore Group which was founded in 1965.

“I love working and following people. I work with different classes of people irrespective of their tribes, religion, or political affiliation,” he said, adding that he does not judge people, but he rather accepts what they are and what they do. “If you want to change the world you have to surrender to good people, give them trust and responsibilities,” Kokan said, adding that “we can change the world if we work together”. “One finger cannot pick up a stone.”

Captain Kokan could be remembered for his passion to support the less privileged and see development in Sierra Leone. He is compassionate and has maintained cordial relations with community stakeholders, staff of the Company and journalists.

Under his stewardship, Sierra Leoneans constitute over 99 percent of the workforce of Bollore with some holding key managerial positions. Over the years he had ensured that Sierra Leoneans were given the requisite skills through regular trainings to operation machinery and equipment at the port.