Orange Management Storms Bo City

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3 min readSep 22, 2021


The Chief Executive Officer and Senior Management of Orange-SL on Tuesday September 21, 2021 stormed the southern city of Bo.

The purpose of the visit was to appreciate their numerous customers, engage the local and traditional authorities on the services and importance of linking up with Orange-SL. The visit will climax with the launch of Orange-SL franchise in Zimmi.

Speaking at the event, Orange-SL CEO, Aminata Kane informed her audience that she and her team were there in solidarity with Orange-SL staff that had been working in the field over the years, adding that before then Orange-SL was Number 2 but that with hard work, dedication and commitment of the staff, they are now Number 1 in terms of number of customers, extended coverage, services and customer satisfaction. She urged them to keep up the good work.

She also added that they were also there to appreciate their numerous customers for their support and loyalty over the years

She said that it was not the first time Orange-SL franchise was doing a launching in Sierra Leone as there had been hundreds of such events across the country in the past. But it will be the first for Zimmi and according to Orange-SL management, Zimmi is very strategic as the Orange-SL franchise would serve as a one-stop shop for the border communities between Sierra Leone and neighboring Liberia.

The local and traditional authorities and representatives of the security sector in that part of the country including the Police, Military and ONS expressed their profound appreciation to Orange-SL for taking the company’s services to that part of the country. They added that it will not only improve communication with their loved ones inside and outside the country but also further boost the manner in which they do their financial transactions and money transfers.

Additionally, the team engaged local authorities on the activities of the company in the area of CSR, the work of the OSL Foundation, network expansion projects as well as products and services, adding that they can now access all Orange-SL services in Zimmi and that they would no longer need to travel to Freetown, Bo or to any other major town to access Orange-SL services like money transfer and the like.

The visit will be climaxed with the cutting of tape and commissioning of Orange-SL franchise in Zimmi on Thursday 23rd September.