Sierra Leone: WAEC Awards Outstanding Candidates

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4 min readMar 7, 2022


Awardees and policymakers

As part of its mission to encouraging academic and moral excellence among the youth, the National Office of the West African Examination Council (WAEC) on Wednesday, February 2, 2022 recognized outstanding candidates who took the National Primary School Examination (NPSE), Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE), and the West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) in 2020 and 2021.

Awardees from different schools

The national event, which was held in the lower hall of the National Office of WAEC in Freetown, attracted policymakers, teachers, parents, and pupils from different schools.

L-R Mr Mustapha G. Koroma, Mrs O. Morrison, Mrs S.N. Koroma and Mohamed S. Sesay

WAEC recognized 18 candidates (constituting 11 female and 7 male) for their excellent performances in NPSE, BECE, WASSCE in 2020 and 2021.

The excellent candidates were awarded certificates, gifts, and token prizes in appreciation of their efforts and to further encourage them to attain higher academic and moral excellence.

Names of Awardees, Schools and Position

  1. NPSE 2020 –1st Position — Akibo-Betts Gisele — International School Limited.
  2. 2. NPSE 2020 — 2nd Position — Collier Aminata E. — Providence International Elementary School.

3. NPSE 2020 — 3rd Position — Dukuray-Jalloh Solange — Tower Hill Kindergerton school.

4. NPSE 2021 – 1st Position — Pokawa Jason Melvin — Murray Deen Preparatory School.

5. NPSE 2021 — 2nd position — Chalobah Aisling Y — International School Ltd.

6. NPSE 2021 — 3rd Position — Samura Mariama — Apex International.

7. BECE 2020 — 1st Position — Sesay M’mama Amina Saidu — Modern High School.

8. BECE 2020 — 2nd Position — Salman Malak M. — Lebanese International Kenema.

9. BECE 2020 — 3rd Position — Bah Habibatu Seray — Madrasatul Hakeem Secondary School.

10. BECE 2021 — 1st Position — Bairoh Ishmeal Prince — Naiahcom High School.

11. BECE 2021 — 2nd Position — Jah Ramatu Doris — Henritta Secondary School Kenema.

12. BECE 2021 — 3rd Position — Blessings Ngegba — Modern Academy Rokel.

13. WASSCE 2020–1st Position — Sophie C.N Kelson — Sesay Modern High School.

14. WASSCE 2020–2nd Position — Mustapha Khazem — Lebanese International Kenema.

15. WASSCE 2020–3rd Position — Alpha M. Kanu — Murialdo.

16. WASSCE 2021–1st Position — Sankoh Momoh — Murialdo.

17. WASSCE 2021–2nd Position — Sesay Hawanatu — Ambassador U.B school.

18. WASSCE 2021–3rd Position — Morie Patrick Nabieu — The Door International School.

Mr Mustapha G. Koroma

The acting Head of the Freetown Section of the Research Division of WAEC, Mr Mustapha G. Koroma said that “we are here today to celebrate our young learners at the local level in three different examination levels, NPSE, BECE and WASSCE for the year 2020 and 2021.”

He said that it is their hope that the students would perform extremely well in WAEC public exams so that they would be selected for the international awards — Excellence Awards and Best Candidate in West Africa Award.

He said that recipients of the awards have distinguished themselves and stood tall among their equals. “I say congratulation.”

He said that the award event was funded under Endowment Fund of WAEC. “The Endowment Fund was conceived and passed by Council and was inaugurated on the 30th anniversary celebration of Council at Monrovia, Liberia in March 1982,” Koroma said.

This event [awards] is an offshoot of one of the WAEC Endowment Fund projects.

He said that initially, only three outstanding candidates were recognized at Council’s meetings, but later it was deemed fit that each member country give awards to deserving candidates who do not qualify for the Council International awards in celebration of hard work.

He said that for the awardees, the recognition is an incentive to reach greater height, and for others it should be a stimulation and motivation to higher academic achievement and determination to attain excellence.

The deputy Chief Education Office, Ministry of Basic and Senior Secondary Education, Mohamed S. Sesay congratulated the awardees, their schools, teachers, and parents for their accomplishment.

He said that education was disrupted in the country for the past two years due to COVID-19, adding that despite the challenges government ensure that students took their exams. He admonished parents to always visit schools of their children.

He said that awardees have set the bar high, and they should go out and inform the world about the integrity of the exams which are being conducted by WAEC in Sierra Leone.

He said that government has committed a lot of resources to improve on the educational system in the country.

The Chairperson of the awards ceremony, Mrs S.N. Koroma congratulated the awardees for their outstanding accomplishments. She also recognized the Ministry of Education for creating the enabling environment for teaching and learning.

The Chairperson of National Conference of Principals of Secondary schools, Mrs O. Morrison said that there is no secret to success. She said it takes discipline, hard work, loyalty, and perseverance for one to succeed.

She admonished parents get closer to their children and provide them with the necessary support.

He thanked the Ministry of Education for creating a conducive teaching and learning environment in schools.

He implored WAEC to also recognized teachers who are the ones preparing candidates for the exams.